All orders must be picked up between 2-5 on November 1 in the cafeteria.  Small orders will be sent home with students. Large orders MUST be picked up on this date (they are frozen products and we have no way to store them).  

Thank you to all students who participated in the PTA Cherrydale/Otis Fundraiser.  The money has been counted and the orders submitted to Cherrydale.  The frozen food orders will be delivered to the school on Thursday, Nov 1st starting at 1:30 pm.  We will send smaller orders home with students on the bus.  The online orders will be delivered to homes of the people who placed the orders.


Thanks especially to the top three sellers in each grade whom we will announce now:  


For 6th grade, the top seller is Jackson Garner with 16 orders, and then Evelyn Guethler with 14 orders and Emeline Seery with 13 orders.


For 7th grade, Isabelle Danek is the top seller with 38 orders and then Abigial Politte with 24 ordesr and Anthony Milburn with 14 orders.  


In 8th grade, the top seller is Kate Hilburn with 43 orders, then Annie Ralph with 22 orders and Sloane Steffens with 16 orders.


The top overall seller is Kate Hilburn with 43 orders!  Thank you for your hard work Kate!  The fundraiser made about $3800.  Great job!


All sellers with 8 orders or more will attend the fundraising party held in late Nov.


Bates School Store 
The School Store has opened and lots of items have already been purchased with Bates Bucks. To keep it stocked and enticing for the incentive program, please consider donating an item or two from this Amazon Wish List: 
To volunteer in the school, you must complete and submit this volunteer form.  A new form must be submitted each year, so even if you've turned one in last year, you have to do so again.